Usage Without React (Vanilla JS)

Usage Without React (Vanilla JS)

BlockNote is mainly designed as a quick and easy drop-in block-based editor for React apps, but can also be used in vanilla JavaScript apps. However, this does involve writing your own UI elements.


We recommend using BlockNote with React so you can use the built-in UI components. This document will explain how you can use BlockNote without React, and write your own components, but this is not recommended as you'll lose the great out-of-the-box experience that BlockNote offers.

Installing with NPM

To install only the vanilla JS parts of BlockNote with NPM (opens in a new tab), run:

npm install @blocknote/core

Creating an editor

This is how to create a new BlockNote editor:

import { BlockNoteEditor } from "@blocknote/core";
const editor = BlockNoteEditor.create();
editor.mount(document.getElementById("root")); // element to append the editor to

Now, you'll have a plain BlockNote instance on your page. However, it's missing some menus and other UI elements.

Creating your own UI elements

Because you can't use the built-in React UI Components, you'll need to create and register your own UI elements.

While it's up to you to decide how you want the elements to be rendered, BlockNote provides methods for updating the visibility, position, and state of your elements:

type UIElement =
  | "formattingToolbar"
  | "linkToolbar"
  | "filePanel"
  | "sideMenu"
  | "suggestionMenu"
  | "tableHandles"
const uiElement: UIElement = ...;
editor[uiElement].onUpdate((uiElementState: ...) => {

Let's look at how you could add the Side Menu to your editor:

import { BlockNoteEditor } from "@blocknote/core";
const editor = BlockNoteEditor.create({
  element: document.getElementById("root")!,
export function createButton(text: string, onClick?: () => void) {
  const element = document.createElement("a");
  element.href = "#";
  element.text = text; = "10px";
  if (onClick) {
    element.addEventListener("click", (e) => {
  return element;
let element: HTMLElement;
editor.sideMenu.onUpdate((sideMenuState) => {
  if (!element) {
    element = document.createElement("div"); = "gray"; = "absolute"; = "10px"; = "0.8";
    const addBtn = createButton("+", () => {
    const dragBtn = createButton("::", () => {});
    dragBtn.addEventListener("dragstart", editor.sideMenu.blockDragStart);
    dragBtn.addEventListener("dragend", editor.sideMenu.blockDragEnd);
    dragBtn.draggable = true; = "none";
  if ( { = "block"; = + "px"; =
      sideMenuState.referencePos.x - element.offsetWidth + "px";
  } else { = "none";