About BlockNote

BlockNote is an open source project led by Matthew Lipski and Yousef El-Dardiry. It's made possible by our partners, sponsors, and community members.


Partner with us

We love working with companies to help them integrate BlockNote into their product and build custom solutions. If you're interested in working with us, shoot an email to team@blocknotejs.org.

Sponsorships & Pro Features

Several individuals and organizations are sponsoring our work. If you're using BlockNote, the easiest way to support the project is by becoming a sponsor. Sponsors also get priority support from the core team.


Sponsoring grants you a BlockNote Pro subscription, which lets you access code for pro examples and get additional support from the BlockNote team. Find out more about BlockNote Pro subscriptions on the pricing page.

One of our sponsors is the renowned NLNet foundation who are on a mission to support an open internet, and protect the privacy and security of internet users. Check them out (opens in a new tab).

BlockNote is built on top of ProseMirror (opens in a new tab) - another great project worth supporting.


Another great way to contribute is by becoming a Community member on Discord, help answering community questions and contribute to the codebase and documentation on GitHub. The community also greatly benefits from examples, so don't hesitate to share useful code snippets!

Also, check out the full list of contributors on GitHub (opens in a new tab).