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The open source Block-Based
rich text editor

A beautiful text editor that just works. Easily add an editor to your app that users will love. Customize it with your own functionality like custom blocks or AI tooling.

At a glance:


Real-time collaboration

Helpful placeholders

Nesting & indentation

Drag and drop blocks

Customizable slash (/) menu

Format menu

BlockNote is free and open source, made possible by our sponsors and community.


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BlockNote exposes an extensive API so you can integrate BlockNote into your app and add functionality to the editor.

Proven tech

BlockNote builds on top of Prosemirror and TipTap (two awesome open source projects), but is simpler to use. Prosemirror is a battle-tested framework, used by top organizations around the world to power their text-editing products.

React components

BlockNote is built for React and exposes easy-to-use components. However, it is possible to use BlockNote with other frameworks or Vanilla JS (advanced users).