Collaborative Editing with PartyKit

Collaborative Editing with PartyKit

In this example, we use PartyKit to let multiple users collaborate on a single BlockNote document in real-time.

Try it out: Open this page ion a new browser tab or window to see it in action!

Relevant Docs:

import "@blocknote/core/fonts/inter.css";
import { useCreateBlockNote } from "@blocknote/react";
import { BlockNoteView } from "@blocknote/mantine";
import "@blocknote/mantine/style.css";
import YPartyKitProvider from "y-partykit/provider";
import * as Y from "yjs";
// Sets up Yjs document and PartyKit Yjs provider.
const doc = new Y.Doc();
const provider = new YPartyKitProvider(
  // Use a unique name as a "room" for your application.
export default function App() {
  const editor = useCreateBlockNote({
    collaboration: {
      // The Yjs Provider responsible for transporting updates:
      // Where to store BlockNote data in the Y.Doc:
      fragment: doc.getXmlFragment("document-store"),
      // Information (name and color) for this user:
      user: {
        name: "My Username",
        color: "#ff0000",
  // Renders the editor instance.
  return <BlockNoteView editor={editor} />;