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A beautiful text editor that just works. Easily add an editor to your app that users will love. Customize it with your own functionality like custom blocks or AI tooling.

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Why BlockNote?

Whether you want extensive customization or a great out-of-the-box experience, BlockNote has you covered:

Works out of the box
Works out of the box
Built-in components like menus and toolbars instantly provide a familiar, Notion-style user experience - but are also fully customizable.
Block-based design
Block-based design
Drag, drop, or nest blocks. The block-based design enables users to create beautiful docs and unlocks a powerful API for engineers.
Craft beautiful multiplayer experiences with support for real-time collaboration.
Want to go next level? Extend the editor with custom blocks, schemas, and plugins.
First-class Typescript support
Get full type safety and autocompletion even when extending your editor with custom blocks and schemas.
Customize the look and feel of your editor to match your brand. Built-in support for light & dark modes.
Markdown & HTML
Convert documents from BlockNote JSON to and from Markdown and HTML.
Prosemirror based
Builds on top of the battle-tested Prosemirror, but without the steep learning curve.
Vanilla JS
Not using React? BlockNote also works with vanilla JS for use with other frameworks.

Let's build

When we started building an Open Source Notion alternative, we figured: "How hard can it be?". Pretty hard, it turns out. Text editors in 2024? More complex than we thought.

After going down many rabbit holes and becoming accidental wizards in Prosemirror (the industry standard used by giants like NY Times, Atlassian, Gitlab and many others), we figured that we could save other devs a lot of pain by creating a modern, batteries-included, block-based text editor on top of it.

We're excited to share BlockNote with you. No more dealing with low-level positions; use the strongly typed, block-based API to work with your editor and documents. No need to build all interface elements from scratch; it comes with modern UI components out-of-the-box. Now, you can add a rich text editor with a polished UX to your app with just a few lines of code.

It's early days, but the excitement is real. We're seeing a mix of companies, enthusiasts, and community heroes jumping in. As a community-led open source project, we're looking forward to your contributions, feedback, or collaboration!

Open Source Community

Join a community of open-source contributors by tuning in with the BlockNote community and contributing to the project.

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Frequently asked questions

More questions? Reach out to our team.

Isn't it easier to use a Headless editor framework?
There are a number of really powerful headless text editor frameworks available. In fact, BlockNote is built on Prosemirror and TipTap. However, even when using a headless library, it takes several months and requires deep expertise to build a fully-featured editor with a polished UI that your users expect.
Is BlockNote ready for production use?
BlockNote is used by several companies in production. Also, we didn't reinvent the wheel. The core editor is built on top of Prosemirror - a battle tested framework that powers software from Atlassian, Gitlab, the New York Times, and many others.
Can I add my own extensions to BlockNote?
BlockNote comes with lot of functionality out-of-the-box, but we understand that every use case is different. You can easily customize the built-in UI Components, or create your own custom Blocks, Inline Content, and Styles. If you want to go even further, you can extend the core editor with additional Prosemirror or TipTap plugins.
Is BlockNote really free?
100% of BlockNote is open source. While the library is free, we offer paid consultancy and support services to help sustain BlockNote. If you are using BlockNote in a commercial project, we encourage to sign up for BlockNote Pro!