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Changing Font ‚Äč

In this example, we override some of the default editor CSS, to change the font within the editor.

Relevant Docs:

There are several useful CSS selectors that you can use to style different parts of the editor:

  • .bn-container selects the container for the editor and all menus/toolbars.
  • .bn-editor selects the editor itself.
  • [data-node-type="blockContainer"] selects all blocks.
  • [data-content-type="X"] selects the content of all blocks of type X (excluding child blocks). Can also have [data-Y="..."] attributes for each of the block's props that don't use the default value. E.g. [data-content-type="heading"][data-level="2"] will select all heading blocks with heading level 2.
  • [data-node-type="blockGroup"] selects all wrapper elements for child blocks.